Introducing Brooklyn Cooking, made with love by locals

It seems these days that everyone is flocking to Brooklyn, which is known by many as a foodie’s paradise. Here in Brooklyn we have amazing parks, farmers markets with local vendors and fresh produce, restaurants, museums, art, food festivals, culture… and a diverse mix of people that make Brooklyn a cultural hub. Best of all? We have food. Amazing food.

And that’s why we decided to launch Brooklyn Cooking – your one-stop shop for all things cooking in Brooklyn. Beginning today, you can visit our website to learn about unique dishes created by local residents (and in some cases real chefs, too!), find the best places to eat in the borough, and read features on interesting Brooklyn locals. This is just the beginning – we have a few more surprises in store but you’ll have to check back each week to find out.

Today, with the launch of Brooklyn Cooking, we’re featuring local Brooklynite Alyson Mance who has prepared a scrumptious Butternut Squash Risotto. Each week the show will dish up unique recipes created and prepared by Brooklyn locals. You can watch Episode 1 here.

Our aim at Brooklyn Cooking is to offer a unique approach to sharing great food and the spirit of our local culture through the voice of the Brooklyn community. Head on over to and check us out.

Spread food love. It’s the Brooklyn way.

— The Brooklyn Cooking Crew

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