5 Soups to Take the Chill Out of Winter

What is a “polar vortex,” anyway? Don’t worry about it. Just know that it means that Brooklyn is super cold and that soup has become a staple in many homes this winter! Ditch the cans and try making one (or all!) of these body-warming recipes from some of our favorite Brooklyn blogs. 

1. Brooklyn Farm Girl‘s Chinese Vegetable Noodle Soup 

via Brooklyn Farm Girl

via Brooklyn Farm Girl

This twist on classic chicken noodle soup uses ground turkey, veggies and alluring Asian flavor. Get the recipe here.

2. Little Brooklyn Kitchen‘s Lentil Soup 

via Little Brooklyn Kitchen

via Little Brooklyn Kitchen

This recipe is great if you like thick, less-soupy soups. Serve with warm bread like garlic naan or crispy, fluffy foccacia. Get the recipe here.

3. Busy in Brooklyn‘s Minestrone Soup


via Busy in Brooklyn

Loaded with vegetables, minestrone soup is one of the healthiest soups you can make. Plus, the added pasta will make you feel fuller longer. Get the recipe here.

4. Brooklyn Supper‘s Cream of Asparagus Soup

via Brooklyn Supper

via Brooklyn Supper

This soup is great on its own if you’re vegetarian, but if you aren’t, a topping of crispy pancetta will really give this dish a boost of flavor! Get the recipe here.

5. Brooklyn Salt‘s Beef Stew

via Brooklyn Salt

via Brooklyn Salt

When it comes to food, the chill of winter not only makes you crave warmth, but also heartiness. Beef stew is a great soup to make when you’re having company on a budget, or when you’re just really in the mood for something satisfying and ultra-filling. Get the recipe here.

What’s your favorite soup recipe? Tell us! 

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