Celebrate National Chili Day with These 5 Brooklyn-Based Recipes!

Have you grown tired of winter yet? We sure have! But instead of complaining about the cold, we’ve instead become obsessed with finding new ways to make our favorite hot and hearty meals – our culinary version of turning lemons into lemonade!

Chili is a classic one-pot winter dish – versatile, minimal clean-up, and warm and solid enough to keep you full for hours. And with National Chili Day rolling around on February 27, we’ve scoured the web to find some of the best chili recipes from our favorite Brooklyn-based blogs! Head to the market and get cooking. 

1. Best Chunky Beef Chili from Brooklyn Homemaker 

via Brooklyn Homemaker

via Brooklyn Homemaker

When you think of chili, you usually think of beef and sour cream. Brooklyn Homemaker does not disappoint! This chili recipe is super hearty and topping it with sliced avocado incorporates creaminess and a little “good fat.” Get the recipe here.

2. Vegetarian Chili & Cornbread from Busy in Brooklyn

via Busy in Brooklyn

via Busy in Brooklyn

There are no set rules for chili eating, but a side of bread is an unspoken requirement. Test out your multitasking skills by baking both at once! The result is crispy-topped bread with a bottom layer of warm, rich chili. Mmm. Get the recipe here.

3. Cincinnati Style Chili from Seasonal Brooklyn

via Seasonal Brooklyn

via Seasonal Brooklyn

It doesn’t take a native Ohioan to know that this chili recipe is the real deal! Serve it traditional Cincinnati-style – over spaghetti and topped with a handful of cheese – or spoon it between a hot dog bun for the chili dog of your dreams. Get the recipe here.

4. Crazy Sexy Bean Chili from Fresh from Brooklyn

via Fresh from Brooklyn

via Fresh from Brooklyn

A vegan chili can be just as hearty as a beefy, sour cream- and cheese-loaded one! Just add more beans and a meat substitute like tempeh. This Fresh from Brooklyn chili does both, and even incorporates a little potato for bulk. Get the recipe here.

5. Poblano Bacon Green Chili from Brooklyn Winery

via Brooklyn Winery

via Brooklyn Winery

This chili is no longer on the menu at Brooklyn Winery, but it’s still one of our favorites. Lucky for us (and now you), Daily Candy immortalized it on the internet! Get the recipe here.

What’s your favorite chili recipe? Tell us!

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