Brooklyn Cooking Happy Hour Gets Down with Owney’s

owney's rum

We’ve got another Brooklyn Cooking Happy Hour in store, and the (sloowwwwly) increasing temperature has us craving fresh, fun warm-weather cocktails! So tomorrow we’re kicking spring off a day early with an Owney’s Rum mojito. 

The Cubans had the right idea when they invented this drink, which blends refreshing mint and lime with a light spirit – white rum – that won’t have you leaving sweat stains on your guayabera. Just like the mojito, Owney’s Rum is perfectly simple – three main ingredients, five crucial steps, one bottle of awesome.

The best part? It’s made right here in Brooklyn! Plus, with NYC water being one of the main ingredients (it’s really the best water – we can’t stress this enough), Owney’s also lends a distinct flavor that’s hard to duplicate. We can’t guarantee the same fluoride boost when you drink it, but at least we can promise you won’t be sorry! Check out tomorrow’s Brooklyn Cooking Happy Hour video for our traditional, yummy mojito, and stay tuned for more cocktail videos using our fave spirits!

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