Have A Paella Party!

Happy National Spanish Paella Day! If there’s anything we love about cooking for a crowd, it’s finding the perfect one-pot dish that gives us more time to party and less time spent washing dishes. Not sure where to start? Get some ideas from four recipes from some of our favorite Brooklyn-based blogs, plus a bonus veggie paella from our lovely Manhattan neighbor.

1. Paella with Langostinos and Artichokes from Brooklyn Boeuf 

via Brooklyn Boeuf

via Brooklyn Boeuf

Paella traditionally involves some combination of rice, saffron, peas and protein. While many go for a mix of chicken, chorizo and seafood, others skip the pork altogether. This recipe from Brooklyn Boeuf incorporates langostinos, chicken and artichoke hearts. Get crafty! Recipe here.

2. Simplified Stovetop Paella from Brooklyn Munch

via Brooklyn Munch

via Brooklyn Munch

Paella gets its own pan is because it helps to have a shallow vessel with a broad surface area to hold all the protein goodies while also evenly cooking the rice in a reasonable amount of time. However, not having a proper pan doesn’t mean you can’t still make paella. Brooklyn Munch’s recipe is full of shortcuts and uses a regular old skillet. Easy peasy. Recipe here.

3. Mediterranean Basmati Rice Paella from The Brooklyn Ragazza

via Brooklyn Ragazza

via The Brooklyn Ragazza

The best part about paella is that it can be whatever you want it to be, so if you’re not a fan of traditional spanish seasoning like saffron, put another flavorful spin on it! Try this Mediterranean version by The Brooklyn Ragazza, which features olives, a variety of seafood, and pancetta. Who can turn down pancetta?! Recipe here.

4. June Russell’s Paella, featured on Not Eating Out In New York

via Not Eating Out In New York

via Not Eating Out In New York

Bet you’ve never seen a paella dish that features a whole rabbit before! GrowNYC staffer June Russell shares some solid tips and tricks to making her popular paella. Rabbit may not be easy to find in many stores, but it’s well worth the search. Get the recipe here and let us know what you thought.

5. Vegetable Paella from Havana Central

via City Eats

via City Eats

Dishes like paella aren’t very vegetarian-friendly, but that doesn’t mean a veggie version is impossible or any less tasty. Plus, when it’s from a restaurant like Havana Central, it might be so good you won’t even miss the chorizo! Recipe here.

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